segunda-feira, outubro 24

Lovely Message.

Dear Mônica,

It's a pity we can't see ourselves. I don't like this distance between us, the short time to talk to you. I didn't answer your e-mails because I'm working 24-7. My life is very busy and I miss you every single day. I wanna take back your body close to my body, your lips kissing my cheeks. Living away from you is so hard, but it takes.
I'm counting the days for you to finish the college and come to live here with me. My family is waiting for you too. When I look at the empty bed, I think "Why are you so far?" Living alone is very sad.
If I can´t read your answer after this message, don't worry. I am preparing a surprise for you soon. I don't want to write anything more because I'm almost crying.

 I love you.

Think what you want. (Y)

5 comentários:

Thalita Cajueiro disse...

Não sou nada boa no inglês, então google tradutor sempre me ajuda. Lindo texto, adorei!

Thalita Cajueiro disse...

Quer dizer, adoro todos os seus textos. Fica bem meu querido.

Victor Cupertino disse...

É a minha redação do curso! HAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Milena Mendanha disse...

Que lindoo!
O "quase chorando" é comovente! Excelente redação hein! ;) AHHA


Anônimo disse...

It's history very beautiful, I like this...

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